Type: Tool
Prices: Buy:N/A Sell:N/A Store:N/A
Rarity: Common
Used in:Bucket,Sand


Recipe:Crafting Table

Wood Stick (4x) Round Wood (1x) Iron Bands (2x)

Crafted on: Crafting Table,Self

"A vital ingredient in wells or for transporting sand or water." - Craftopedia entry

The bucket is made on the crafting table, using 4 wooden sticks, 1 round wood and 2 iron bands.

To create a bucket, you will need a furnace, a logging bench and a crafting table. The resources you will be needing is 1 iron and 2 logs.

Melt one iron in the furnace to iron bands (you´ll get 8 bands). Use the logging bench and make 2 wood poles and 1 round wood. Go to the crafting table and put the items in the slots. Voila, you got a bucket!

Alternatively, you can break down a barrel to get 2 buckets.