People who have quests to give you have an exclamation mark over their heads. Exclamation marks can come in two colors: silver and gold. Gold exclamation marks denote quests that have to be completed in order to finish a campaign scenario.

note: if you see exclamation marks but dont see the option to accept a quest when you speak with them, it means you have not built your stockpile. Click the building icon at the base of the screen, the stockpile is in the top right.

Eden ValleyEdit

Quest Name: Quest Text:
"Have you ever baked bread before? All you need to do is put dough in a stone oven. Try making 8 of them for the feast! Man, I'm gonna eat till I burst."

Quest Text: "The king's feast in a few months' time! Oh happy day! This place might be able to make a killing. Can you sell 25 crops? I've a present for you if you can!"

Quest Text: "My brother is selling iron knives which are flimsy as heck. Stockpile me 10 of them to sell off? If they're good, his demand will dry up."

Quest Text: "Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to have any gauntlets, would you? Me and my partner would each like a pair so as not to offend our virtue after lights' out. Stockpile us two?"

Lake PlacidEdit


Quest Text:"I'm setting up a camp just outside your town, and it's mighty sparse out there. Sort a neighbour out with 100 odd logs could ya?

Quest Text:"Doctor Dick Trustworthy says that the boiled egg of a canary can improve one's stamina and willingness to complete menial tasks without complaint! I'm trying for a promotion. If you can get me two dozen, I'll make it worth your while?"

Quest Text:"Ay, stranger! I own a tavern up the way called the Piss and Tackle, and we're looking to class the place up a bit, rebrand as the Flow and Package. Make me 12 silver mugs and you won't regret it."

Quest Text:"Oh dear , I've drpped my basket of eggs and have no more for breakfast! Don't suppose you could spare a dozen, could you?"

Quest Text:"Word has it King Oligarchy's apple crops were completely destroyed by an infestation of protozoa! Apparently they're everywhere! Can I replace them with 100 apples from here before he notices? I'll pay extra."

Quest Text:"Hi there! I'm the poopsmith for Queen Omnibus' nearby battallion. Captain Nary is kind of bored, and needs a few expendable training weapons. Can you make us 20 stone hatchets?"

Quest Text:"Dear Squire, my leaky bucket is wreaking ruinouss havoc on my dirtmongering business! Can you make me another? I badly need it!"

Quest Text:"Oh, rats! I forgot my partner's birthday again. I'm going to need a cake for each day late I was with just the one! Please can you help me? It's up to 8 cakes now!"

'Quest Text My friend Buck just lost all his clothes in a freak accident! I'll pay you double for a barrel he can wear!"

Quest Text "Excuse me , but you wouldn't happen to sell any gauntlets, would you? Me and my partner would each like a pair so as not to offend our virtue after lights out."

Quest Text " Business is booming in King Oligarchy’s capital! We’ll need at least 8 sets of scales to cater to all the new merchants in town.”

Quest Text “Queen Omnibus wishes to celebrate her victory in the East. We demand that you make her a Gold Necklace. Oligarchy can’t have all the bling!”

Quest Text “Money is like so much dust to me, peasant, but I do approve of fine jewellery Consider my overpayment for 5 silver rings an act of charity.”

Quest Text “You’re perfectly positioned now to create arms for our entire war effort. Sell 10 gold worth of military goods. You’re our major resupply outpost now!”

Quest Text “ A man from my town has himself a solid gold sword! This cannot stand. I must have one of my own, but I can’t afford an actual solid gold one! Can you maybe melt some gold onto an exterior for me? Just the one?”

Quest Text “Those swords are nice, but now my ex-wife wants jewel-encrusted swords. Reckon you can make me five of THOSE?”

Quest Text “My witchdoctor says he can heal me in an experimental method using hot wax. I’ll pay you double for a timely two dozen candles? I’m oddly excited about this.”

Quest Text“My children are horribly scared of the dark. I live not far from here. Can you get me ten torches? I’ll pay extra!”

Quest Text“I’ve been on something of a fitness kick of late, but my leeches keep on withering and dying in the sun! Can you get me a bucket of water for them to live in when I’m not letting them suck my tender juices?”

Quest Text “My brother is selling Iron Knives which are flimsy as heck. Sell 10 of them yourself? If they’re good , his demand will dry up.”

Quest Text “The King is jealous of the Queen’s necklace, and demands that you make him a Gold Crown to upstage her. Quickly now!”

Quest Text“My uncle is blind, and is determined that he can see when our house is properly lit night and day. He can’t, but he thinks he can. Can you help by getting us 10 torches?”

Quest Text“You there peasant! I’m off to a party tomorrow and require 45 bottles of mead to satisfy his holiness the King. Chop chop!”

Quest Text “I have a rather strange hermit friend who only eats withered cabbage. I’ll pay you handsomely for 12 of them?”

Rock and PoolEdit

Quest Name: Quest Text:


Quest Name: Quest Text: