Crafted On: SelfEdit

Recipe Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Axehead, Iron Inv IronAxeHead-sdx2 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx1 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx2
Bar Bar-sd Glass Mug Inv GlassMug-sdx6 Wooden Counter Inv Counter-sdx1
Blouse Inv Blouse-sd Fine Fabric (x12)Inv FineFabrics-sd x
Boots, Iron Inv IronBoots-sd Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx10 Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx6
Bedding Inv Bedding-sd Cotton Inv Cotton-sdx15 Fine Fabric Inv FineFabrics-sdx6
Bedding, Fancy Inv GoodBedding-sd Cotton Inv Cotton-sdx15 Dyed Fabric Inv DyedFineFabrics-sdx6
Birdhouse Inv Birdhouse-sd Canary Eggs Inv CanaryEgg-sdx8 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx8
Bowl, Coconut Coconut (x1) x
Bracelet, Fancy Gold Gold Bracelet (x1) Gem (x4)
Bracelet, Fancy Iron Iron Bands Gem
Bracelet, Fancy Silver Silver Bracelet (x1) Gem (x4)
Bucket Inv Bucket-sdx2 Barrel Inv Barrel-sdx1 x
Candelabra, Iron Candle (x3) Iron Shortpole (x3)
Candle Inv Candle-sd Wax Inv Wax-sdx1 x
Clogs Inv Clogs-sd Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx1 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx1
Coconut Apparel Coconut Bowls(x2) Twine (x2)
Crafting Table Inv CraftingTable-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx2 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx4
Crown, Fancy Gold Gold Crown (x1) Gem (x1)
Crown, Fancy Silver Silver Crown (x1) Gem (x1)
Cutlery, Iron Inv IronCutlery-sdx2 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx1 Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx1
Door Inv Door-sd Door Knob Inv WoodHandle-sdx2 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx8
Door Knob Inv WoodHandle-sd Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx1 x
Dough (x2) Water (x1)  Flour (x2)
Dough, Pastry Flour (x2) Canary Eggs (x2)
Dress Inv Dress-sd Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx6 Fine Fabric Inv FineFabrics-sdx8
Fishing Pole Inv FishingPole-sd Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx1 Twine Inv Twine-sdx4
Furnace Inv Furnace-sd Coal Inv Coal-sdx2 Stone Inv Stone-sdx8
Hatchet, Iron Inv IronAxe-sd Iron Axehead Inv IronAxeHead-sdx1 Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx1
Hatchet, Stone Inv StoneHatchet-sd Small Stone Inv StoneAxehead-sdx1 Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx1
Helmet, Iron Inv IronHelmet-sd Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx3 Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx1
Helmet, Fancy Iron Inv FlaredIronHelmet-sd Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx3 Dyed Cloth Inv DyedCloth-sdx1
Hilts, Fancy Wooden Wood Hilt Gem
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin (x1) Candle (x1)
Knife, Bling Gold Knife (x1) Gem (x1)
Knife, Gold Gold Shortblade (x1) Wood Hilt (x1)
Knife, Iron Inv IronKnife-sd Iron Shortblade Inv IronShortBlade-sdx1 Wood Hilt Inv WoodHilt-sdx1
Lamington, Birthday Lamington (x1) Candle (x1)
Lamp Post, Iron Lantern(x1) Iron Long Pole (x2)
Lamp Post, Wooden Lantern (x1) Wood Poles (x4)
Longblade, Gold Iron Longblade (x1) Melted Gold (x1)
Longblade, Iron Inv IronLongBlade-sd Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx4 x
Mortar and Pestle Coconut Bowl (x1) Wood Stick (x1)
Necklace, Gold Gold Rings (x12) Twine (x1)
Necklace, Iron Inv IronNecklace-sd Iron Ring Inv IronRing-sdx12 Twine Inv Twine-sdx2
Necklace, Fancy Gold Gold Necklace (x1) Gem (x3)
Necklace, Fancy Iron Iron Necklace (x1) Gem(x3)
Necklace, Fancy Silver Silver Necklace (x1) Gem (x3)
Necklace, Silver Silver Ring (x12) Twine (x1)
Pickaxe, Iron Inv IronPickAxe-sd Iron Axehead Inv IronAxeHead-sdx2 Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx1
Pickaxe, Stone Inv StonePickAxe-sd Small Stone Inv StoneAxehead-sdx1 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx1
Pike-O-Lantern Jack-O-Lantern (x1) Wood Poles (x1)
Pizza Base Dough (x6) x
Potato, Mashed Inv MashedPotato-sd Potato Inv Potatoes-sdx1 x
Pouch Inv Pouch-sd Twine Inv Twine-sdx1 Fine Fabric Inv FineFabrics-sdx1
Pouch, Fancy Inv FancyPouch-sd Twine Inv Twine-sdx1 Dyed Fabric Inv DyedFineFabrics-sdx1
Ring, Iron Inv IronRing-sdx8 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx1 x
Ring, Fancy Gold Gold Rings (x1) Gem (x1)
Ring, Fancy Iron (x8) Iron Ring (x1) Gem (x1)
Ring, Fancy Silver Silver Ring (x1) Gem (x1)
Sales Counter Inv SalesCounter-sd Scales Inv Scales-sdx1 Wooden Counter Inv Counter-sdx1
Shield, Iron Inv IronShield-sd Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx2 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx2
Shield, Wooden Inv WoodenShield-sd Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx1 Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx1
Shirt Inv Shirt-sd Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx16 x
Shortblade, Gold (x2) Iron Shortblade (x2) Melted Gold(x1)
Shortblade, Iron Inv IronShortBlade-sd Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx4 x
Shovel, Iron Inv IronShovel-sd Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx1 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx1

Inv Spear-sd

Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx1 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx1
Stone Oven Inv Oven-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx2 Stone Inv Stone-sdx12
Stool Inv Stool-sd Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx1 Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx1
Sundial Iron Bands (x1) Iron Toolbits (x1)
Sword, Iron Inv IronSword-sd Iron Longblade Inv IronLongBlade-sdx1 Wood Hilt Inv WoodHilt-sdx1
Sword, Bling Fancy Wood Hilt (x1) Gold Longblade (x1)
Sword, Golden Gold Longblade (x1) Wood Hilt (x1)
Table, Round Inv RoundTable-sd Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx3 Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx1
Torch Inv Torch-sd Coal Inv Coal-sdx1 Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx2
Torch Inv Torch-sdx2 Coal Inv Coal-sdx2 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx1
Torch Pole, Wooden Inv WoodTorchPole-sd Torch Inv Torch-sdx1 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx4
Torch Pole, Iron Torchx1 Iron Longbladex4
Trousers Inv Trousers-sd Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx20 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx4
Trousers, Fancy Dyed Cloth x20 Iron Toolbits x4
Window Inv Window-sd Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx6 Glass Pane Inv Glass-sdx4
Wood Hilt Inv WoodHilt-sd Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx1 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx3
Wooden Counter Inv Counter-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx6 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx4
Logging Bench Inv WoodWorkingTable-sd Stone Hatchet Inv StoneHatchet-sdx1 Log Inv Log-sdx4

Crafted On: FurnaceEdit

Note: After using the furnace for a while, it will run out of fuel. Dragging a piece of coal onto it from your inventory will refuel it and allow you to craft more.

Ingredient Makes
Iron Inv Iron-sd Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx4 Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx8 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx2
Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx8 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx16 Iron Plate Inv Plate-sdx2
Gold Inv Gold-sd

Gold Rings GoldRingx4

Gold Bracelets GoldBraceletx2 Gold Crown GoldCrownx1
Melted Gold MeltedGoldx1
Sand Inv Sand-sd Glass Pane Inv Glass-sdx1 Glass Mug Inv GlassMug-sdx1
Silver Silver Silver Mug SilverMugx4 Silver Plate SilverPlatex4 Silver Bracelet SilverBraceletx2
Silver Cutlery SilverCutleryx8 Silver Ring SilverRingx8

Silver Crown SilverCrownx1

Crafted On: Logging BenchEdit

Ingredient Makes:
Log Inv Log-sd Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx2 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx2 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx2

Crafted On: Crafting TableEdit

**Note - 'Self' recipes can also be crafted on Crafting Table.

Recipe Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Barrel Inv Barrel-sd Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx2 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx4 Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx2
Bed Inv Bed-sd Bedding Inv Bedding-sdx1 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx4 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx6
Bed, Fancy Inv FancyBed-sd Fancy Bedding Inv GoodBedding-sdx1 Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx4 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx6
Beehive Box Inv Beehive-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx4 Honeycomb Inv Honeycomb-sdx6 Wax Inv Wax-sdx6
Bucket Inv Bucket-sd Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx1 Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx4 Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx2
Chair, Fancy Iron Chair Iron South-sd Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx4 Dyed Cloth Inv DyedCloth-sdx1 Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx2
Chair, Wooden Inv Chair-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx1 Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx2 Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx2
Chest Inv Chest-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx2 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx2 Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx1
Flagpole Inv Flagpole-sd Twine Inv Twine-sdx4 Dyed Fabric Inv DyedFineFabrics-sdx16 Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx4
Gate Inv Gate-sd Wood Poles Inv WoodLongPole-sdx2 Wood Stick Inv WoodShortPole-sdx4 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx4
Iron Chestplate Inv IronChestplate-sd Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx2 Thick Cloth Inv Cloth-sdx2 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx4
Iron Gauntlets Inv IronGauntlets-sd Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx3 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx2 Iron Ring Inv IronRing-sdx10
Iron Stove Inv IronStove-sd Iron Sheet Inv IronSheet-sdx6 Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx8 Coal Inv Coal-sdx2
Knife, Fancy Iron Iron Shortblade (x1) Wood Hilt (x1) Gem (x1)
Lantern Inv Lantern-sd Glass Pane Inv Glass-sdx2 Candle Inv Candle-sdx1 Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx4
Loom Inv Loom-sd Wooden Planks Inv WoodPlank-sdx4 Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx6

OR Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx12

Iron Toolbits Inv IronToolbits-sdx6
Scales Inv Scales-sd Iron Plate Inv Plate-sdx2 Twine Inv Twine-sdx2 Iron Shortpole Inv IronShortPole-sdx2
Table, Iron Inv IronTable-sd Iron Long Pole Inv IronLongPole-sdx5 Round Wood Inv RoundWood-sdx1 Iron Bands Inv IronBands-sdx1

Crafted On: Iron StoveEdit

Recipe Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Baby Canaries, Boiled (x4) Canary Eggs (x4) x x
Broth, Awful (x4) Water (x12) Potato (x8) OR

Cabbage (x4) OR

Candy, Coconut Coconuts (x2)
Dye(x3) Water (x3) Berries (x6)
Soup, Fish (x4) Water (x12) Cooked Fish (x8)
Soup, Pumpkin (x4) Water (x12) Pumpkin (x4) OR

Roasted Pumpkin (x2)

Soup, Tasty (x4) Water (x12) Fish (x8) OR

Potato (x8) OR
Turnip (x8)

Roasted Turnip (x8) OR

Roasted Potato (x8)

Stew, Passable (x4) Water (x12) Fish (x8)
Stew, Passable (x4) Water (x12) Cabbage (x4) OR

Potato (x8) OR
Turnip (x8)

Cabbage (x4) OR

Potato (x8) OR
Turnip (x8)

Crafted On: LoomEdit

Ingredient Makes
Cotton (x1) Thick Cloth (x1) Fine Fabric (x1) Twine(x1)

Crafted On: BarrelEdit

Recipe Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Ale (x9) Water (x6) Hops (x12)
Berry Cider (x9) Water (x6) Berries (x24)
Spirits (x6) Water (x2) Potato (x24) OR Cabbage (x18)
Cider (x9) Water (x6) Apple (x12)
Mead (x9) Water (x6) Hops (x12) Honeycomb (x6)
Wine (x9) Water (x6) Grape (x24)
Wine, Palm (x12) Water (x4) Coconuts (x16)
Dyed Cloth (x12) Dye (x1) Thick Cloth (x12)
Dyed Fabric (x8) Dye (x1) Fine Fabric (x8)

Crafted On: Stone OvenEdit

Recipe Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Baby Canaries, Fried (x4) Canary Eggs (x4) x x
Bread Loaves (x4) Dough (x8) x x
Cake (x3) Dough (x10) Honeycomb (x4) Candle (x3)
Cooked Fish (x1) Fish (x1) x x
Lamington (x6) Dough (x3) Coconut (x1) Honeycomb (x3)
Pie, Apple (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Apple (x12) x
Pie, Berry (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Berries (x9) x
Pie, Coconut (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Coconuts (x3) x
Pie, Fish (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Fish (x6) OR

Cooked Fish (x3) 

Pie, Pumpkin (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Pumpkin (x3) x
Pie, Vegetable (x3) Pastry Dough (x6) Cabbage (x6) OR

Potatoes (x6) OR
Turnip (x6)

Pizza, Seafood (x1) Pizza Base (x1) Fish (x4) OR

Cooked Fish (x2)

Pizza, Veggie (x1) Pizza Base (x1) Cabbage (x6) OR

Wilted Cabbage (x12) OR
Potato (x6) OR
Roasted Potato (x3) OR
Pumpkin (x2) OR
Roasted Pumpkin (x1) OR
Turnip (x4) OR
Roasted Turnip (x2)

Cabbage (x6) OR

Wilted Cabbage (x12) OR
Potato (x6) OR
Roasted Potato (x3) OR
Pumpkin (x2) OR
Roasted Pumpkin (x1) OR
Turnip (x4) OR
Roasted Turnip (x2)

Sweet Bread (x4) Dough (x8) Honeycomb (x4) x
Toffee Apple (x1) Apple (x1) Honeycomb (x2) x
Withered Cabbage (x1) Cabbage (x1) x x