This is a tutorial on how to create a tavern, complete with 2 tables, a bar, 3 chairs and a barkeeper. Tutorial by AlphonBetonDelton

Building the tavernEdit

Any building can be used to house a tavern, but for this tutorial we will be using a 3x3 wood plank building. Begin by collecting 68 wood logs and crafting it into planks. Then, collect two sticks and make them into door knobs. Then combine the two door knobs with wood. You now have a door

Then go to a flat, clear area and select a three by three square(making sure wooden plank building is selected

The three by three selection

Tap Build and the building is created. You now have a building.

Furnishing the tavernEdit

Now with your building, you need to add a bar, some chairs and some tables.


Start by collecting about 5-6 logs and crafting 2 round wood and crafting the rest of the logs into poles. Combine the round wood and poles to make a table.


Collect some more logs and 6 sticks, make 3 wood planks and 6 poles go onto a crafting bench and combine them. This will make three chairs.


Now for the final and most important component, the bar. Make sure you have mined some iron, then go onto a furnace and smelt 16 iron tool bits. Combine it with 8 wood planks to make a counter. Next, make six buckets if you haven't already. Go collect 6 buckets of sand and smelt it into glass mugs. Then combine the counter and the mugs to make a bar.


Now, place them in the following setup:


The setup

Selling the DrinksEdit

Now that you have set up the tavern, a small sign should pop up above the door with the symbol of a mug. To find out how to brew, go to Tutorial:Brewing.

Once you have brewed your drink, go in or near the building. On the top left corner of your screen, a icon of a sack will come up. Tap/Click on it and another inventory screen, similar to that of the stockpile will come up. Drag your drinks into the other inventory.

The inventory screen.

Then hire a barkeeper or go behind the bar yourself. You or the barkeeper will automatically serve drinks. Remember that the barkeeper costs two gold coins a day, so you might just want to man it yourself.