Several different types of workers can be employed in your town. They all deposit the materials they gather or produce to your Town-centre stockpile. You must then move whatever materials you need to produce goods, or goods you want to trade, into your main inventory (the one attached to you via the hammer symbol, on the left panel menus, 2nd from the bottom) before you can place these resources in the various crafting tables and furnaces and stoves or have them available to you for trading with merchants.

In addition to regular needs, be sure to build beds for them, or else they'll live in shacks and spoil the view of the town, decreasing town value.


Cost: 40 copper

Special building: None

These workers will chop down trees for you, they will deposit wood and sticks in your Town-centre stockpile. They will also harvest pizza trees and deliver the pizza to your Town-centre stockpile.


Cost: 60 copper

Special building: None

The fisher will fish for you and deposit fish to your Town-centre stockpile.


Cost: 80 copper

Special building: Fence

The farmers will only farm an area that is fenced off. They will harvest any crop in the fenced area.


Cost: 60 copper

Special building: Windmill

The miller will turn your one wheat bushels into one bag of flour and then deposit the flour into your Town-centre stockpile.


Cost: 60 copper

Special building: Mine

The miners will mine the Stone /Iron/Coal that you put the mine next to and then deliver the mined materials to Town-centre stockpile.


Cost: 300 copper

Special building: Shop

The shop keeper will tend to your shop when you're not there.


Cost: 200 copper

Special building: Tavern

The tavern keeper will tend to your tavern when you are not tending to it.

Worker window

The worker window where you can manage your workers